Greenland - Ilulissat Boat Trip
Jun 26, 2015 | Travel

We took a 12 hour boat trip up to the Eqi glacier which calves icebergs on average every 30 minutes.

Greenland - Ilulissat Icebergs
Jun 26, 2015 | Travel

There were so many icebergs to see in Ilulissat, here is a selection of some of the best photos.

Greenland - Ilulissat Helicopter Tour
Jun 25, 2015 | Travel

On our first full day in Ilulissat, Greenland we took a 1.5 hour helicopter tour up the UNESCO World heritage site Ilulissat Icefjord to the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier.

Greenland - Ilulissat Boardwalk
Jun 25, 2015 | Travel

After our helicopter ride we took a walk out the boardwalk to a viewpoint overlooking the Ilulissat Icefjord.

Greenland - Nuuk
Jun 24, 2015 | Travel

After our visit to Iceland we went to Nuuk, Greenland for 2 nights.

Iceland - Day 2 - Inside the Volcano
Jun 22, 2015 | Travel

Today we travelled Inside the Volcano and unique experience not available anywhere else in the world.

Iceland - Day 1
Jun 20, 2015 | Travel

Our first day in Iceland touring around the Reykjavik.

Vintage Console Stereo Repair & Update
Jan 12, 2015 | DIY, Music

We bought an old broken console stereo online for $50. Andrew techno-handy manned the stereo back to life by cleaning up the insides and replacing the broken turntable, then we updated it to play our music wirelessly on the home network and added lights.

Recycled T-shirt Yarn Yoga Mat Bag
Jan 4, 2015 | DIY

This is how I made my own t-shirt yarn and crocheted it into a yoga mat bag.

Yarn Rack With Motorized Yarn Winder
Nov 8, 2014 | DIY

DIY Yarn Rack with motorized yarn winder made from wood scraps, CDs, and a repurposed sewing machine motor